Taking part in Garage33 accelerator

We are proud to announce our participation in the Garage33 accelerator programme. QuSinus is among the selected group of eight start-ups chosen from a competitive pool of applicants to be a part of the second batch of the accelerator.

The Garage33 accelerator programme, based in Paderborn, is renowned for its rigorous selection process, admitting only the most promising and disruptive start-ups. This ten-week intensive programme provides participants with invaluable mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities aimed at accelerating their growth and success in the market.

Throughout the programme, QuSinus will engage in a comprehensive curriculum covering various essential aspects of start-up development. These sessions will include deep dives into growth hacking strategies, sales techniques, financing avenues, product development methodologies, leadership skills, team dynamics optimization, recruiting best practices, and intensive pitch training.

The pinnacle of the Garage33 programme is the highly anticipated event Moonshots and Moneten, which attracts over 500 industry professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs. Here, QuSinus and fellow participants will showcase their progress and pitch their innovative solutions to potential investors and partners, aiming to secure financial support for the further development of their ventures.

Commenting on QuSinus’s selection, CEO and co-founder, Peter Hertenstein, expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity, stating, “Participating in Garage33 is a significant milestone for QuSinus. We are excited to immerse ourselves in this transformative experience, learning from seasoned experts and collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs to propel our vision forward.”

For more information about the Garage33 accelerator programme, please visit https://www.tecup.de/

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