Second Place at Aachen Technology and Entrepreneurship Congress

Great news – last week we were able to secure the second place at the highly competitive #neuland x ATEC | Aachen Technology and Entrepreneurship Congress startup competition, winning a chance to secure an investment of €300,000 from Campus Capital, a part of STS Ventures, pending due diligence.

The recognition at #neuland x ATEC is a testament to the potential impact of our technology in fields such as quantum computing, radar, and telecommunications. With the support of investors like STS Ventures, we will continue our journey to spin off from the Heinz Nixdorf Institute, accelerates our development efforts, and begin scaling our operations.

At the highly competitive pitch battle, with prizes ranging from 5.000 € cash over 35.000 € marketing budget to 500.000 € investment, 14 finalists were invited to pitch their high-tech start-ups. We extend our congratulations to Auxsys GmbH, the first-place winner of the competition, securing a €500,000 investment (subject to due diligence).

We want to give special thanks to the esteemed jury members who played a crucial role in this event: Björn Lang from Techvision Fonds, Oliver Kaul from STS Ventures, Kim Tran from Dieter von Holzbrink Ventures, Tim Schumacher from World Fund, and Mascha Bonk from Ananda Impact Ventures. Your insights and expertise were invaluable to us and the entire competition.

We further extend our gratitude to the organizers of the event for this invaluable opportunity, and to garage33 for their nomination and support during the competition preparations.

As we further embark on our exciting journey of innovation and growth, we look forward to continued support from our community and stakeholders. Stay tuned for further updates from QuSinus as we work towards shaping the future of RF and mmWave technologies.


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